Robert Lu

Physiotherapist, Qualified GLA:D Programme Practitioner and Clinical Pilates Instructor
B Sc (Ex Physiology), D.Physio

Robert completed his Doctor of Physiotherapy degree from the University of Melbourne. Before this, he obtained a Bachelor of Science focusing on muscle and exercise physiology. Robert also holds Clinical Pilates, dry needling and GLAD:OA qualification, which he routinely incorporates in his treatments. Robert has undergone additional training. During his physiotherapy tenure, he has worked in multiple settings, including private practice, elite amateur football clubs, state-level sporting competitions (e.g. athletics, swimming, triathlon, etc.) and even the ski slopes of Japan.

As a physiotherapist, Robert is passionate about helping his clients from all walks of life out of pain and moving better. With his diverse experience, he has developed a keen interest in assisting with sporting (especially snow-related) injuries, particularly shoulder, spinal and knee conditions. As a result, Robert focuses on assessing, managing and developing rehabilitation goals to help patients achieve their best outcomes.

Currently, Robert is working as a consulting physiotherapist and clinical pilates instructor at Hawthorn Physiotherapy Clinic. He has also taken formal training to become a GLA:D OA Programme Practitioner, where he specialises in helping people live with hip and knee osteoarthritis. He also occasionally works as a physiotherapist at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital whilst collaborating with several orthopaedic surgeons.

Robert enjoys all competitive sports outside of work, particularly as an avid soccer player and fan. Following his active endeavours, he also regularly weight lifts as part of his healthy lifestyle.

Robert is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.