With so many of us working from home during lockdown, there are an increasing number of people coming to the clinic for back and neck pain. This can happen due to a poor ergonomic set up at home, having to remain in prolonged sitting or standing positions, certain lifestyle habits, and specific conditions/injuries. Here are 5 useful stretches you can do throughout the day to keep moving and to stay pain-free.

Upper trapezius stretch

Sit or stand upright with shoulders relaxed and hands by side. Tilt head to one side until you feel a pull on the opposite side of your neck. Hold for 15 seconds, return to starting position and repeat 4 more times. Repeat on the other side.

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Lie on your side with knees bent and arms stretched out in front of you. Place arms and hands together, and lift your top arm over towards the other side. Slowly twist your upper back to follow the arm as far as you can comfortable. You should feel a stretch across your chest and upper back. Return arm to the side, and repeat 10–15 times as able. Perform this movement on the other side.